Recorded presentations

For those of you who have missed the conference, would like to re-watch it and refresh your knowledge, you can now access recorded version of the conference. There are three videos with two speakers per video followed by a Q&A session. 

Video 1

  • Welcome and introductory remarks by Elias Götz, Uppsala University
  • “Russia’s Policy in the Post-Soviet Space” by S. Neil MacFarlane, University of Oxford (starts at 00:25:35)

Video 2

  • “Russia’s Policy in the Middle East” by Roland Dannreuther, University of Westminster (starts at 00:00:55)
  • “Russia’s Policy towards China” by Marcin Kaczmarski, Finnish Institute of International Affairs (starts at 01:10:30)

Video 3

  • “Russia’s Policy towards the West” by Anna-Sophie Maass, College of Europe (starts at 00:02:25)
  • “Russia’s Policy towards the West” by Kimberly Marten, Columbia University (starts at 00:37:25)