Guest Researchers 2010

Vladimir S. Malakhov is a Leading Research Fellow of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Philosophy (Department of Social and Political Philosophy) and a Professor at the Department of Sociology and Political Sciences at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Studies (Russian-British Postgraduate University). In addition, he is Director of the Center for Citizenship and Identity Studies at the Institute of Philosophy. Vladimir’s scholarly interests range from the history of contemporary Western Philosophy to nationalism and ethnicity studies, multiculturalism, sociology of culture, and citizenship studies. The list of his publications includes: State in the Age of Globalization. Moscow, 2007; They are here: Essays on Nationalism, Racism and Cultural Pluralism; Nationalism as a Political Ideology. Moscow, 2005; Multiculturalism and the Transformation of Post-Soviet Societies. Editor-in-Chief (co-editor Valery Tishkov). Moscow, 2002. Vladimir’s teaching and research activity has been supported by several international grants. At the end of the 1990s he was Soros-Professor at various Universities of the Russian Federation (The lecture courses were supported by Open Society Institute, Moscow Department 1997, and by Budapest Department in 1998). He successfully organized some international conferences (the last of them “Nation State and Cultural Pluralism” was hold in Moscow in September 2009). He gave presentations at numerous international conferences and seminars as well including Empires and Nations. Joint Conference of the SciencePo and Association for the Study of Nationalities (Paris, July 2008), Emigration and New Nationalisms in Post Soviet Countries. - Back in Ex-USSR: Paradoxes of Postcolonial Condition. (August 2009, Parnu, Estonia.) Along with giving lectures and holding seminars he is going to continue his research on the topic “Democracy and Difference: the impact of transnational migration on nation states”. His visit to Uppsala is sponsored by Uppsala Forum for peace and Justice.

Leonid Polishchuk is Professor at Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia) and Senior Research Associate in IRIS Center at University of Maryland (College Park). Leonid is an economist with broad experience in research, policy analysis, technical assistance, and teaching. For more than 10 years, Dr Polishchuk has led policy analysis, research, and technical assistance projects on economic transition and development, public policy making, and legal and regulatory reform. Much of these efforts were aimed at strengthening countries’ capacity to conduct their own economic research and education. He conducts or supervises collaborative studies of policy-relevant issues and works with newly-established universities and think tanks to introduce modern standards and tools of economic analysis, management, and accounting procedures — facilitating the creation of national and international networks of think tanks and policy analysts. Dr Polishchuk’s work with government officials and public servants included reform of intergovernmental fiscal relations, decentralization of legal and policy reform, economic deregulation and regulatory impact assessment, and reform of university economic curricula. His main areas of professional expertise include institutional reform and development, civil society development, federal-provincial relations, political economy of transition, legal and regulatory reform, privatization, social programs and poverty reduction etc. He has authored and co-authored over 40 publications.

Sergey Bozhko is a research fellow at the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine. Sergey's PhD thesis was titled “System of Security and Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region, 1990s – early 2000s”. Sergey studied also at the University of Helsinki (2001), University of Oslo (2004) and the Center for Policy Studies–PIR Center (Moscow, Russia, 2008). He worked as a project coordinator at the Center for European and International Studies (Kyiv, 2001-2003) and an attache at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2006). Sergey’s research interests cover Ukraine’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration and cooperation in security affairs, security and cooperation in the Baltic Sea region. At the Institute of International Relations Sergey teaches a number of courses including “Foreign Policy of Ukraine”, “Foreign Policy of Russia and the CIS Countries”, “The European Union in International Affairs”. He is the author of over 20 journal articles, conference papers and contributions to books on these topics. At the Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies Sergey will conduct research on Ukraine’s policy towards the European, Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian regions.

Akira Uegaki will be Senior Visiting Scholar at the Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies from April 12 until September 10. He has a PhD from University of Tokyo and is presently Professor of Economics at Seinan Gakuin University. His main research interest lies in international economic relations of Russia and Eastern Europe. His publications include two books - "The Economic System of Socialist Romania 1944 - 1989," University of Tokyo Press, 1995 (in Japanese); and "Russia under Economic Globalization," Nihon Hyoronsha Press, 2005 (in Japanese) - and numerous articles and book chapters. While in Uppsala he will study the significance of Russia and Eastern Europe in international financial markets and other related issues.

Ala Svet is a research fellow at the Institute of European Integration and Political Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and is PhD candidate at the Department of Political Sciences of the State University of Moldova. Ala’s PhD research interests cover Moldova’s European integration and cooperation in the socio-political dimensions. Ala was fellow of several international programs: scholarship of the international research project “New and Ambiguous Nation-building Processes in South-eastern Europe: Collective Identities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova and Montenegro in Comparison (1944-2005)” (2007-2009), led by the Free University of Berlin; scholarship of Carnegie Research Fellowship Program (2006-2007), Seattle, USA; scholarship of the project “Nationalism and Ethnicity in Contemporary Social Sciences: Challenges for Research and Teaching” (2004-2007), St. Petersburg, Russia. She is the author of over 20 conference papers, journal publications and chapters of book. including Русские меньшинства в Республике Молдова: между гражданской, этнической и реликтовой идентичностью, in Республика Молдова в контексте воображаемых и действительных границ. Паттерны пограничной идентичности, edited by Virgiliu Birladeanu (2010); Politico-Economical Markers in the Project of the Transnistrian Regional Identity Construction, in Interstitio. East European Review of Historical Anthropology, vol.I (2007); Foreign Political Priorities and European Union: integration strategies of the Republic of Moldova into European Union, in Eastern Views on European Enlargements: an Axiological Perspectives, edited by Peter Szyszlo, Bryan Taylor and Abel Polese, Odesa (2006). At Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies Alla will conduct the research of documentation devoted to her professional development and exchange of experience in the field of her research topics.

Sergiy Gerasymchuk graduated from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Kyiv, Ukraine) with the Master’s degree in Political Science in 2004. For a few years he was employed by governmental think-tanks: National Institute for Strategic Studies, Institute of National Security Problem and was a staff member of Secretariat of Verkhovna Rada (Parliament of Ukraine). Since 2009 Sergiy is in a full-time position of International Programs Director at Strategic and Security Studies Group – Kyiv based NGO. Consultant of international projects “The Image of the Democratic Soldier: Tensions Between the Organisation of Armed Forces and the Principles of Democracy in European Comparison” (Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, Germany) and “Sharing the Experience of the Visegrad Cooperation in the Western Balkans and the Eastern Neighborhood|” (ICDT, Budapest). Author, co-author and editor of number of publications on NATO enlargement, regional security in CEE, frozen conflicts, Transdniestrian settlement etc. At Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies Sergiy is conducting research on Foreign policy transformation in Eastern Partnership countries: global impact and regional particularities.

Sergiy Kurbatov is a research fellow at Institute of Higher Education, National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. He also teaches the course “Introduction to Sociology” at National Aviation University and the course “Political Sociology” at National University “Kiev-Mohyla Academy”. Sergiy Kurbatov received his PhD from Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University in 2002. The title of PhD thesis is “Historical Time as a Determinant of Creative Process” (the revised variant was published as a book in 2009). Sergiy is a fellow of Regional Scholarship Exchange Program (August-December, 1999, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, USA), Partners in Education Program (April-May, 2003, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA), Junior Fulbright (August, 2003 - June, 2004, Brown University, Providence, RI, USA) and few OSI-HESP Programs.He is the author of the chapter on educational innovations in book “Phenomenon of Innovation: Education, Society, Culture” (Kiev, 2008) and the editor of Proceeding of International Conference “Implementation of Western Educational Standards in Post-Soviet States” (Kiev, 2008). Sergiy Kurbatov is also the author of more than 40 papers, which were published in Ukraine, Austria, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Spain and other countries. His academic interests include the process of internalization of contemporary universities, the problem of ranking of universities, influence of education on state policy and state-building in Post-Soviet states, the processes of shaping elite, cross-ethnical relations and electoral behavior in Ukraine. Together with Professor Li Bennich-Bjorkman Dr. Sergiy Kurbatov coordinated the project “Implementation of Western educational standards in Post-Soviet states”(2007-2009) and continue to work in the framework of project “A division between educative and teaching internationalization in post-soviet universities”(since 2009). During his visits to UCRS he conducted a workshop on presidential election in Ukraine 2010 (March, 2010) and worked with the paper on electoral behavior of Ukrainian voters (together with Professor Li Bennich-Bjorkman and Andriy Kashyn, August, 2010). Sergiy’s hobby is journalism, he regularly publish his articles in leading Ukrainian weekly “Mirror of the Week”( ) and other Ukrainian newspapers and journals.

Andriy Kashyn is a research fellow and project coordinator at the Kiev International Institute of Sociology. He is also a PhD candidate at the Institute of Higher Education of Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. His scientific interests are concentrated in the field of electoral research and also related to the sphere of Ukrainian higher education and developing of university rankings in particular. Andriy is an author and co-author of numerous analytical reports, and coordinated research projects for international and local organizations, such as International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), European Training Foundation (ETF), Management System International (MSI), Internews, System Capital Management (SCM), etc. At the Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies Andriy worked with the paper on electoral behavior of Ukrainian voters (together with Professor Li Bennich-Bjorkman and Sergiy Kurbatov, August, 2010). A part of his visit has been dedicated to overview of most recent research papers in the field of his scientific interest at the university library, and exchanging experience with international colleagues.