The Image Seen from the Inside. Mathematical and Iconoclastic concepts in Pavel Florensky`s Reverse Perspective

Project leader

Fabian Heffermehl, PhD candidate


Prof Mattias Martinson (Department of Theology, Uppsala University)

Assistant supervisor

Prof Elena Namli (UCRS)

Project period

November 2011 – November 2015

Project description

For the Armenian-Russian mathematician and theologian Pavel Florensky (1882-1937) the so-called reverse perspective of the icon did not only function as a visual expression, but also as meta-category, which in the end should define a cultural difference between Europe and Russia. In different ways Florensky argues that the Russian-Orthodox reverse perspective represents ethical and esthetical values, which were superior to the Western central perspective. On basis of Florensky’s thinking occurred an icon-theology, which carries on Russian reflections on national identity, which were typical for the 19th century. My dissertation is an attempt to reconstruct Florensky’s position in relation to two contexts, which for him appeared to be relevant. As an Orthodox priest, Florensky identified himself with the church’s tradition and dogmatics, and therefore also with the theory of the medium, developed during the struggle about images of the 8th and 9th century. But as a mathematician and acquaintance with Moscow’s revolutionary intelligentsia, Florensky became part of a modernist thinking, which in the end should become decisive for his methodology.

Keywords: Icon, image, idol, reverse perspective, media theory, art, geometry, Byzantium, Russia, iconoclasm, modernism, avant-garde, Florensky, Tarabukin, Zhegin.

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