Social Ethics and the Russian Orthodox Tradition

Project leader

Elena Namli, Professor  

Project description

This is a research project that started in 2013. The main purpose of the project is to investigate the theological potential of the Russian Orthodox tradition. There is a profound lack of social ethics in the Russian theological heritage and this creates a challenge for the tradition that today claims its right to be a part of the political discourse. The project will critically examine the Russian Orthodox theological ethics and suggest a model for social ethics that is compatible with the tradition as well as justifiable in the modern political discourse.

Related publications

 “Pavel Florenskij och den ryska teologins vara eller icke-vara.” Arche 42-43 (2013): 71-79.

“Religion och politik i Ryssland.” Religion och politik i Ryssland. Eds. Elena Namli and Ingvar Svanberg. Uppsala: Swedish Science Press (2012): 9-26.