Media and Communication Studies

Below you will find terminated research projects that concern research discipline Media and Communication Studies.

The Image of Islam in Russia

Duration: 6-8 October, 2016 

Project leader: Greg Simons | Project page (coming soon)

Since the collapse of Communism and the emergence of the Russian Federation, in terms of official rhetoric and documents, the country prides itself on being a multi-ethnic and multi-confessional state. Yet, there are counter-veiling tendencies in Russian society that openly do not embrace or are suspicious of ‘Other’ cultures and identities. This can be seen with the rise of nationalism and the current insurgencies in the Northern Caucasus, which can influence public opinion and perception of Islam. The issues of ethnic and religious identities are increasingly under pressure from political actors, and this causes a lack of the needed frank and open discussions on the matter. The conference will explore how Islam is understood, viewed and projected in the public and media sphere in contemporary Russia. A multidisciplinary perspective shall be used to try and illuminate the different aspects to the debate, both historical and contemporary – therefore the disciplines shall include, but not be restricted to history, political science, sociology, religion and mass communication. It shall include how Islam projects itself to other communities and how other communities perceive and react to Islam.

Media in Transition

Duration: November 2011 - 2013

Project leader: Greg Simons | Project page (coming soon)

The Impact of Social Media and Citizen Journalism on the Russian News Production Process

Project leader: Greg Simons | Project page (coming soon)