Below you will find research projects that concern Belarus.

Integrated Arctic Studies Network

Duration: 2016 - 2017

Project leader: Olga Bogolepova | Project page

The Network on Integrated Arctic Studies (IAS) is designed to provide a forum for exchange of knowledge and contacts among Nordic and Russian researchers working in the Russian Arctic. The main focus is on study of 1) geological evolution and mineral resources of the Russian Arctic and 2) processes at the interface of human practices and nature in Arctic environments. Results expected of the project will allow developing the scientific basis for further collaborative research projects and educational courses.

Ethnoichtyology of fresh water fish: a neglected research field

Duration period: 2014 - ongoing

Project leader: Ingvar Svanberg | Project page

Nazi networks and politics before, during, and after World War II

Duration: 2012 - ongoing

Project leader: Matthew Kott | Project page (coming soon)

Focus Belarus: Creating a Research Node

Duration: 2017 - ongoing

Project leader: Matthew Kott | Project page (coming soon)