IRES invites Ukrainian academics to share their stories about the war


On 24 February 2022, the armed forces of the Russian Federation launched an invasion of Ukraine that have already caused the unprecedented destruction of human lifes and safety, economic livelihood, unique cultural heritage, and the natural environment. 

IRES will launch a project where Ukrainian scholars are invited to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas about the war. The preliminary title is War Chronicle: The Ukrainian Witness.

We are collecting texts from Ukrainian scholars that will be published on the IRES website and possibly in a book (if we manage to gather enough material). You are welcome to submit your texts in any format: diaries, reflections, a story about what is happening here and now, what you see, hear and feel. There is no word count and even small several paragraph texts are welcome. There are no deadlines, we are collecting texts as long as the war lasts. English is preferable but if it’s more comfortable for you to write in Ukrainian or other languages please do it. The authors decide themselves if they want their names to be published.

Please ask your questions and email your contributions here


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