International conference “Latvia at a Crossroads: The Centenary of the Latvian State”

Date: 11-12 October, 2018
Location: Hall 2, Gamla torget 3, Uppsala University

“Latvia at a Crossroads: The Centenary of the Latvian State” is an interdisciplinary conference focusing on the multiple contexts of Latvia during the centenary year of the nation’s independence from the Russian Empire. It brings together researchers from across Europe and North America and from a variety of different disciplines to facilitate discussion of the social, political, economic and cultural context of Latvia. The network of scholars established by this event will represent the forefront of Latvian studies. Twenty-three papers will be delivered in seven thematic panels designed to facilitate cross-disciplinary discussion. Papers have been chosen for this conference because of their pertinence and as cutting-edge research in the field.

The conference will take place at the Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies, home to the editorial office of the Journal of Baltic Studies.

The conference will begin with opening remarks by H.E. Mr. Marģers Krams, Latvian Ambassador to Sweden.

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The conference organisers are Dr. Michael Loader, Dr. Siobhán Hearne, and Dr. Matthew Kott.

Latvia at a Crossroads is funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, IRES, the Uppsala Forum on Democracy, Peace and Justice, and the British Association for Slavonic & East European Studies.

The conference is free of charge.