Presentations from the Conference "China’s Belt and Road Initiative and a New Era of Transcultural Networks?"

27-28 May, 2019
Location: Main University Building

‘The Belt and Road Initiative and a New Era of Transcultural Networks?’ is an international conference focusing on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a grand multilevel cooperation platform actively promoted by the Chinese Government. The event will connect researchers across Europe, Asia and North America from a variety of disciplines to facilitate discussion on the cultural, political, and social implications of the current unfolding of the BRI in Eurasia.

To listen to the presentations, please click on the respective link. To help you navigate each audio file, please use start and finish times of respective presentation in the right column.

Section  Start/finish time (hour:min:sec) 
Opening remarks & Panel 1
Claes Levinsson (IRES) 00:00:00-00:05:25
Maria Danilovich (IRES) 00:05:39-00:09:07
Chair intro: Prof Stefan Hedlund 00:09:18-00:11:43
Xu Qinduo 00:13:07-00:30:05
Chair remarks: Stefan Hedlund  00:30:06-00:31:06
Roza Turarbekava 00:31:48-00:46:56
Chair remarks: Stefan Hedlund  00:47:00-00:48:00
Maria Kobzeva 00:48:34-01:00:30
Q&A session  01:00:35-01:41:42
Panel 2
Chair intro: Maria Danilovich 00:00:00-00:01:00
Afrasiab Khattak 00:01:07-00:15:08
Chair: Maria Danilovich 00:15:13-00:15-53
Bettina Ng'weno 00:17:27-00:40:35
Chair: Maria Danilovich 00:40:39-00:41:34
Neelima Jeychandran see Roundtable discussion below 
Oscar Almen 00:41:34-00:57:26
Q&A session  00:57:30-01:27:39
Panel 3 
Chair intro: Corine Woon-Donnelly 00:00:00-00:02:07
Veena Ramachandran 00:02:09-00:15:59
Chair: Corine Woon-Donnelly 00:16:05-00:16:54
Roman Vakulchuk 00:17:13-00:32-57
Chair: Corine Woon-Donnelly 00:33:04-00:33:45
Igbal Abilov 00:33:48-00:44:10
Q&A session  00:44:17-00:26:57
Panel 4 due to technical issues during the recording, this panel is unfortunately not available
Zhou Jiayi
Corine Wood-Donelly
Nikolai Fedorov
Q&A session 
Maria Danilovich 00:00:00-00:01:20
Neelima Jeychandran 00:01:45-00:15:55
Roundtable discussion  00:16:10-01:31:06

For further information, please contact conference organizer Dr. Maryia Danilovich

The conference is organized with the generous financial support of the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences and Uppsala Forum on Democracy, Peace and Justice.