Friday, August 14

09.00-10.20 Panel IV: Voters/Parties/Leaders (chair: Joseph Ben-Ur)
Walid Abou-Khalil & George Aoun, Does the Political Candidate’s Quality Lead to Satisfaction? Transposition of the SERVQUAL Model to Politics: Case of the Loyal Lebanese Voter
Milena Drzewiecka & Wojciech Cwalina, “The Late Leader”: Influence of Leader’s Death on his (and Party) Evaluation
Naim Rrustemi, KLA: The Political Transformation from Guerrillas to Government
Dmitry Strovsky, Modern Regional Political Trends in Russia and the Specifics of their Coverage in the Media
10.25-10.40 Coffee break
10.45-12.45 Panel V: War and Conflict (chair: Jolan Roka)
Ieva Berzina, Russia’s Grand Strategy in V. Putin’s Rhetoric
Ulrich M. Janssen, The People in the Focus: Aspects and Considerations in Building Political Relationships Between Foreign Militaries and Local Civilians Within the Context of Military Operations
Sergiy Kurbatov & Alla Marchenko, The Demands For "Saviours" and "Traitors" in Ukrainian Social Media: What is the Price?
Marius Laurinavichius, The Influence of Cliques Upon Russian Foreign Policy: The Case Study of Crimea Annexation and War in Eastern Ukraine
Tetyana Malyarenko, NOVOROSSIA OR OCCUPATION? A Comparative Analysis of Russia’s and Ukraine’s Policies Toward ‘Temporarily Occupied Territories’ of Eastern Ukraine
Sergei A. Samoilenko, Elina Erzikova, Sergey Davydov & Alexander V. Laskin, The Practices of Character Assassination: Russian and U.S. News Coverage of the 2014 Airplane Crash in Eastern Ukraine
12.50-13.50 Lunch break
Panel V (continued): War and Conflict
Greg Simons, Policy and Political Marketing: Promoting War as a Policy
14.45-16.25 Panel VI: Social Media (chair: Evgeny Pashentsev)
Gabriella Kereszturi, The Impact of Social Media on Online Political Engagement Using Sentiment Analysis in the 2014 Romanian Presidential Elections
Andris Petersons, Persuasion Principles and Technics Used by the New-Elected Members of the Latvian Parliament in their Social Media Accounts During the Election Campaigns in 2014
Lilia Raycheva and Mariyan Tomov, The Facebook Image Of The 2013 Social Protests In Bulgaria
Ivan Surma, Digital Diplomacy: Objectives, Methods and Target Audiences
Sorina Slusarec & Cristian Andrei, The Online Mobilisation in Romania’s Presidential Campaign
16.30-16.45 Coffee break  
16.50-17.10 Closing of Panels and Summary
17.15-17.45 After Conference Process
Professor Bruce Newman: introducing the Journal of Political Marketing and the special issue
Dr Greg Simons: timeline for the special issue associated with Political Marketing Forum 2015
Professor Bruce Newman:  naming of the host for Political Marketing Forum 2016
17.50-17.55 Concluding remarks and closing of the conference