Museum Gustavianum, Auditorium Minus  

Thursday, August 13

09.00-09.10 Welcome
09.15-09.30 Introduction to the conference  
09.35-10.30 Keynote speech
Professor Bruce Newman
Tracing the Roots of Innovation in Political Marketing: What's Still In, What's New
10.40-10.55 Coffee break  
11.00-13.00 Panel I: Elections (chair: Dmitry Strovsky)
Cristian Andrei, The Underdog Campaign: The Case of 2014 Presidential Elections in Romania
Ayse Anil and Nihat Kamil Anil, Political Marketing Agenda in Turkey: 2015 General Elections
Veysel Batmaz, Is Everything We Know About Politics Changing? CHANGES IN VOTING BEHAVIOUR IN TURKEY: Comparative Analysis of Two Elections in Turkey: 1999 vs. 2015
Emine Tugba Kocabiyik, An Investigation of Voter Attitudes and Behaviours in the 2015 Turkish General Election: Comparative Analysis of Immigrant Turks Residing in the USA and Home-Country Voters
Leon Schiffman and Elaine Sherman, Political Polarization in America Today: its Implications for the Up-coming U.S. Presidential Election
Ülle Toode, Populism - Danger or Opportunity for Modern Democracy?
13.15-14.15 Lunch
14.30-15.50 Panel II: Regional Political Marketing (chair: Andris Petersons)
Noha Bakr, Political Marketing & the Arab World
Marina Kayumova, Cultivation of Image of Public Organizations and Local Authorities in Central Asian Mass Media
Jolán Roka, Power Politics in Post-Soviet Societies
Roman Vakulchuk, Foreign Involvement in Domestic Politics: the Case of International Consultants in Central Asia
15.55-16.10 Coffee break  
16.15-17.55 Panel III: Foreign Policy/Influence (chair: Noha Bakr)
Joseph Ben-Ur, Foreign Involvement in Domestic Politics – the Case of US-Israel Relationship Regarding the Nuclear-Powered Iran
Evgeny Pashentsev, The Strategic Role of Communication Management Tools in Political Conflict in Venezuela
Dmitry Rushchin, Public Diplomacy and "Soft Power" in Russia
Nino Rusidze, The Future of Political Marketing
Svetlana Vinogradova, Modern Political Technologies: Old Content of New Forms and Vice Versa