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The Image Seen from the Inside. Mathematical and Iconoclastic concepts in Pavel Florensky`s Reverse Perspective

Duration: November 2011 - November 2015

Project leader: Fabian Heffermehl | Project page

For the Russian-Armenian mathematician and theologian Pavel Florensky the so called reversed perspective of the icon did not only function as an method of visual expression, but also as symbol for a world view, which in the end should define a difference between orient and occident. But because of Florensky’s ambiguity in his definitions of the phenomena reverse perspective it was not so much his ideas of art, as his mathematical and metaphysical thinking of the universe as a whole, which inspired other thinkers around him to elaborate new theories about the icon. The aim of this PhD project is to study the theories about the reverse perspective in the context of a complex development of modern time and space conceptions. This development will be related to transformations in the Russian identity discourses after the revolution.

Human Rights as Ethics, Politics and Law

Project leader: Elena Namli | Project page

The project questions “Western” conception of human rights and aims to provide ethical analysis of contemporary human rights discourse with particular regard to its communicative aspects.

Social Ethics and the Russian Orthodox Tradition

Project leader: Elena Namli | Project page

The project examines Russian Orthodox Church’s involvement in Russian politics and aims to suggest a critical analysis from a theological perspective.