Nedan hittar du pågående forskningsprojekt som berör forskningsämne ekonomi.

Institutions and Visa Regimes

Duration: September 2014 – May 2016

Project leader: Leonid Polishchuk | Project page

Visa barriers between countries depend on the quality of formal and informal institutions. We show, theoretically and empirically, that when nations improve the quality of their “institutions-services”, measured e.g. by government effectiveness, visa barriers for citizens of those nations get lower. However, an improvement of “institutions-rules”, such as protection of property rights, makes visa barriers higher due to externalities inherent to international travel. We also demonstrate that formal and informal institutions complement each other in their impact on visa regimes.

Land Ownership and Economic Performance

Duration: September 2014 – December 2015

Project leader: Leonid Polishchuk | Project page

According to the famous dictum by De Soto, land ownership improves economic performance, especially since it facilitates access to finance. We argue that the payoff to land ownership is contingent on the quality of surrounding institutions, such as the rule of law and protection of property rights. When surrounding institutions are of inferior quality, land ownership could make matters worse and turn out to be a net liability. We test this hypothesis on Russian industrial firms using survey data, and show that indeed under poor investment climate the costs of land ownership could exceed its benefits.

Poverty and strategies for survival in Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine

Duration: Sep 2011- Nov 2013

Project leader: Ann-Mari Sätre | Project page

The aim of the project is to create a network between university teachers and doctoral students / students for comparative research and developments regarding the issue of poverty and survival strategies in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Collaboration between local authorities and small firms for local development in Russia and Latvia

Duration: 1 Dec, 2015 - 31 Dec, 2016

Project leader: Ann Mari Sätre | Project page

The aim of the project is to strengthen regional capability on local authority level through joint activities (workshops, seminars) in selected districts in Russia and Latvia. The ambition is to demonstrate how a supportive and creative attitude towards small business development will be of social and economic benefit to the public and thereby a step towards local democracy.