Nedan hittar du forskningsprojekt som berör forskningsämne etnobiologi.

Ethnobotany of Europe: A Journey Across Folk Wild Plant Uses in the European Continent

Duration: 2015 - ongoing

Project leader: Ingvar Svanberg & Renata Sõukand (Tartu University)  | Project page

Ethnoichtyology of fresh water fish: a neglected research field

Duration: 2014- ongoing

Project leader: Ingvar Svanberg | Project page

Research Network: Eastern-European Ethnobiologists

Duration: 2010 - ongoing

Project leader: Ingvar Svanberg | Project page

In October 2010 a significant workshop called »Old treasures in the new Europe«, with representatives from many European countries, was organized in Padise, Estonia. This was a new beginning for ethnobiological research in northern, eastern and south-eastern Europe. A new network of dedicated, mostly young, scholars from various countries has emerged. In October 2011 we met again, this time in the village of Királyrét in northern Hungary, thus attracting further scholars from a wider circle of countries in the eastern and south-eastern parts of Europe. A third meeting was held in Kików near Busko Zdrój, Poland, in October 2013. The network that emerged from these three meetings has been vital and has created co-operation, and opportunities for the co-authoring of many scientific publications.

Forgotten Turkic people in Xinjiang: the Lop People

Duration: 2010 - ongoing

Project leader: Ingvar Svanberg | Project page