The Student Association of Russian & Eurasian Studies (TSARES) is a student organization in the Institute for Russian & Eurasian Studies at Uppsala University. We are a new society, currently comprised of master’s students at the institute.

Our mission is to improve understanding of the region through formal academic events, informal social gatherings, and student conferences. TSARES is directed at students of all backgrounds and disciplines attending Uppsala University. Our goal is to provide a space for exploration and discussion regarding one of the world’s least understood regions.

TSARES is a platform for students to engage with the Russian and Eurasian space by means of open dialogue and discussion. We encourage active participation of our members and hope to promote future personal and professional development.

Because of the multi-disciplinary nature of our members, we hope to tailor our regional interest with all faculties, whether they be the humanities, arts, social sciences, or natural sciences.

You find us on Facebook or on info.tsares@ires.uu.se

Last modified: 2023-09-14