Seminar Series in Romani Studies: Swedish Resande: A Historical Overview of the Romani History in Sweden

  • Date: –17:00
  • Location: IRES Library, Gamla torget 3, 3rd floor, and Zoom:
  • Lecturer: Jon Pettersson, Frantzwagner Society (Malmö, Sweden)
  • Organiser: Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies (IRES), The Roma Foundation (Zürich, Switzerland), and Uppsala Forum
  • Contact person: Hanna Abakunova
  • Seminarium

Join via Zoom:

The first known appearance of Roma in Sweden was in 1512. Since then, Roma have lived and contributed to Swedish society. These Roma are known in Sweden as Resande. This talk will overview Swedish Romani history over 500 years with particular attention to the occasions when the Resande had been subject to the targeted laws. The lecture will explain how, despite historical challenges, the Roma have managed to maintain their language and culture until today.

Bio: Jon Pettersson is one of the founders of the Resande organization Frantzwagner Society ( In the early 1990s, Mr. Pettersson participated in the educational program “future minority leaders” at the European Council in Strasbourg. Since then, his education covered various disciplines relevant to his work, such as history, linguistics, and law. Over the last 30 years, he participated in multiple events concerning the Roma minority in Sweden. Today, he works as an independent researcher, educator, translator, writer, and expert on issues regarding the Roma in Sweden.