Workshop: Decolonizing Sustainable Development Goals

  • Date:
  • Location: Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies (IRES), Gamla torget 3, 3rd floor
  • Lecturer: Vladislava Vladimirova
  • Organiser: Uppsala Forum
  • Contact person: Vladislava Vladimirova
  • Workshop

Schedule for the workshop
September 21: 12:30-17:30 - IRES library, Gamla torget 3, 3rd floor
September 22: 09:30-12:30 - Alva Myrdal Room, Gamla torget 3, 3d floor

As the world experiences growing effects of climate change, there is a need for in-depth research examining its future transformational impact on numerous areas of public law and policy. The tensions between addressing the effects of climate change and protecting human rights are an especially vital topic. The actions addressing the effects of climate change and protecting the rights of Indigenous communities do not always coordinate well, and at times even contradict each other. Indigenous and local residents are not always included or attributed important roles in decision making regarding SDGs implementation in their regions. This workshop will address such tensions and examine the ways of including better Indigenous and local perspectives in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals. One of the important regional focuses of the workshop is the Arctic, but we will be looking for broader comparisons that can illustrate collisions between SDGs and social rights and help in the process of finding solutions. The workshop invites distinguished scholars and younger researchers with different disciplinary backgrounds who will present and discuss innovative research that critically examines the effects of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) implementation on Indigenous and local peoples and linguistic minorities. The expected result from the workshop is a book application for the publication of a collected volume. 

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