Conferences 2011

Fascisms on the periphery. A conference on fascism in northern, east-central and south-eastern Europe

Date: 17-18 November, 2011.
Location: Norrlands Nation, Västra Ågatan 14, Uppsala.
Language: English

On November 17th–18th 2011, the Hugo Valentin Centre and the Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies held an international conference on the development of fascism in parts of Europe during the period 1933–1945. During the last decade, research on fascism has begun to move away from the rather sterile discussion of definitions into a new interest in the cultural, political and social contexts that enabled the growth of fascist organizations in Europe. The conference was part of this promising new trend and seeks to look more deeply into fascist ideology and politics by exploring the development of fascist organizations in different European cultural, socio-economic and political contexts.

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Drugs in the Vodka Belt

Date: 26-27 of October, 2011.
Location: Uppsala University, Museum Gustavianum.
Language: English.

The Center for Police Research at Uppsala University and Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Uppsala University arranged the workshop under title “Drugs in the Vodka Belt”, which took place on 26-27 October, 2011 in Uppsala, Museum Gustavianum. The ”Vodka Belt” is a part of Northern Europe with special social and cultural dynamics regarding drugs. The workshop had its aim of making an inventory of the knowledge of drugs, drug use and the combating of drug use in the region, with special focus on Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The workshop focused on three themes:
Drugs – with special focus on drugs on the internet;
Health, social, and economic aspects of drug use;
Crime fighting – the legal, police, and other aspects of combating drug use.

The workshop was arranged in cooperation with the Center for Police Research, the Section of Biological Research on Drug Dependence, and the Institute for Security and Developmental Policy in Stockholm. 

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Ikonens Dag

Date: Thursday, 12 of May 2011, 10:00-16:30.
Venue: Lectures: Main University building, Hall IV, Biskopsgatan 3, Uppsala. Reception and vernissage: Newmaninstitutet, Slottsgränd 6, Uppsala.
Language: Swedish and Norwegian. 

Symposium was arranged in cooperation with Newmaninstitutet. 

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Comparative Baltic State-Building

Date: 14-15 of March 2011.
Venue: UCRS library, Gamla torget 3, 3rd floor. 
Language: English.

The week of the Baltic States at Uppsala University has been opened by a workshop on ”Comparative Baltic State-Building”. The workshop has been held at the Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Uppsala University on the 14th-15th of March. The seminar was chaired by Professor Li Bennich-Björkman.The event provided a diversity of views by bringing together invited professors from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Sweden.

The purpose of the workshop was to introduce and discuss the crucial issues concerning the governance development in the Baltic States in the comparative perspective. The workshop represented a crucial forum for sharing opinions concerning similarities and differences in the Baltic States political development. During the discussions the important issue of whether the countries should establish united Baltic policy or act individually based on the newly forming identities has been raised. 

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