The Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies (IRES) is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Uppsala University and employs about 35 persons together with a varying number of visiting researchers and visiting doctoral students who are active at the department.

On the Staff page you will find our personnel listed with links to personal homepages. The Institute's contact details can be found on the page Contact us.

The Institute is governed by a Departmental Board, composed of the head of department and staff and student representatives. Important for the work of the department are also a number of Task Forces and Action Plans.

The administrative staff is made up by an Economic administrator, a Personnel Officer, a Communications Officer and Guest Researchers Coordinator.


Claes Levinsson

Deputy Director

Matthew Kott

Director of Studies

Susanna Rabow-Edling

Research Director

Ann-Mari Sätre

Management Group  

Matthew Kott
Claes Levinsson
Lena Lubenow
Susanna Rabow-Edling
Ann-Mari Sätre


Gunilla Berger (personnel)

Jevgenija Gehsbarga (information)

Lena Lubenow (economy)

Equality Officer
Matthew Kott

Safety Officer

Vladislava Vladimirova

IRES Governing Board 

Claes Levinsson  

Corporation Teacher and Researchers
Matthew Kott – board member
Susanna Rabow-Edling – board member
Martin Kragh – board member
Kaj Hobér - board member (Department of Law)
Kariné Åkerman Sarkisian - board member (Department of Modern Languages)
Helena Wockelberg - board member (Department of Political Science)
Ann-Mari Sätre – substitute
Vladislava Vladimirova – substitute

Corporation PhD students
Johanna Ohlsson – board member
Ausra Padskocimaite – substitute

Corporation Technical-Administrative Personnel
Lena Lubenow – board member
Stella Marceta – substitute