Hele Kiiman has been awarded scholarship within the Bernadotte programme


We are extremely pleased to announce that our colleague Hele Kiiman has been awarded scholarship within the Bernadotte programme. The scholarship in the amount of SEK 125 000 is awarded by the board of the Royal Gustavus Adolphus Academy to postdoctoral researchers and young practitioners in the arts offering opportunities to undertake more in-depth academic work and develop a broader academic network. For more information about the award please visit http://gustavadolfsakademien.se/en/bernadotteprogrammet

This award will used to partly finance Hele’s research project on Swedish settlements in Estonia and partly to further develop IRES seminar series on Estonian Swedes. 

Research project on Swedish settlement development on the northwestern coastal areas of Estonia - a place settled primarily by Swedes from prehistoric times and up to World War II - examines the transformation of the local livelihood and farming system in several Swedish villages in Estonia from the late 16th century up to contemporary times with additional focus on peasant families from Hiiumaa (Dagö in Swedish) who migrated to Ukraine (Gammalsvenskby in Swedish).

Together with Ingvar Svanberg Hele has been running Estonian-Swedish seminar series at IRES since spring 2018. These monthly seminars have become very popular and have attracted quite an audience. You can find information about the past seminars in our calendar.

The award ceremony that was supposed to be held by the King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf in the Royal castle on the 22thof April was unfortunately cancelled due to the corona  outbreak. It has been rescheduled to the fall 2020.

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Last modified: 2022-02-02