Michael Loader awarded Alfons Lauris scholarship


Our colleague Michael Loader has been awarded Alfons Lauris scholarship to carry out archival research in 2018 for the project 'The “Forgotten" Quarter-Century: National Politics in Soviet Latvia, 1961-1986”. The project deals with national politics and ethnic relations in Soviet Latvia during the Brezhnev era. The scholarship is given to researchers conducting historical research of Latvia's history after 1940.

Michael Loader is pursuing PostDoc at IRES. Michael received his PhD in History in 2015 at King’s College London. His dissertation is entitled ‘The Thaw in Soviet Latvia: National Politics 1953-1959’. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the International Centre for the History and Sociology of WWII and its Consequences at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow in 2016-2017. His research interests include nationality politics, centre-periphery relations and the Soviet Baltic.  

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